How to Airshare it!


Sharing to cut the cost of convenience.

Waste is the enemy

  • If it doesn’t provide value for our customers, drivers or the wider community, it’s not worth doing
  • More efficient use of resources means lower environmental impact and lower costs

Share to create shared-value

  • Customers get guaranteed low prices by opting to share
  • Locally sourced drivers receive fair remuneration and freedom to choose their work

Bucking the trend

  • Focus on suburbs & commuter towns
  • Focus on planning and efficiency, not instant availability

Environmental Impact

For every 500 people opting to share their journey to the airport, one entire tree-lifetime of CO2 is prevented from release.  To put that into perspective, if 10% of European passengers shared their way to the airport as opposed to driving or personal taxi, it would equate to planting 150,000 trees and nurturing them for their entire lives, every year!